Additional information you need to know before entering the

House of Prayer:


Addiction Detox

The House of Prayer is not licensed to perform detox. Prospective residents must be sober and drug free upon arrival. A drug test will be administered before entrance into the program and subsequently thereafter without prior notice.

Legal Items

Court dates and other legal problems must be taken care of before entering the House of Prayer. If there is probation, be prepared to provide the name and address of your probation officer as he/she will be contacted. Please provide current information regarding name and address of all legal representation and any fines/fees incurred/owed. Child support documentation is required if court ordered.

Food Stamps

If you are a current food stamp recipient, you must bring your current food stamp card upon entrance. If not a current recipient, a representative will file an application for food stamps in Guilford County. If you are an out-of-state food stamp recipient, you must cancel your food stamps in that state.

Prescription Medications

We require a MANDATORY DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE¬†to take any medications while in residency; prescription and over the counter medications included (i.e.:¬†aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, antibacterial creams, mouthwash, vitamins, etc.).

We require that you bring your own supply of medications and a written doctor’s report; but prefer the client not be on medications. These required signature forms are available from our office to be filled out by your physician for our records. These forms may be faxed to your doctor’s office upon your request.


Handicapped Facilities are not available – Client must be ambulatory.